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How do buyers find my products on FreshSpoke?

Your products display on FreshSpoke in a few ways:

  1. In your FreshSpoke shop
  2. In your products' categories
  3. When a buyer searches using keywords/phrases that align with the characteristics of your product. 

FreshSpoke's website is also optimized for search engines like Google. This includes our shop and products content, broadening your reach to prospective customers outside of FreshSpoke as well. 

FreshSpoke invests in digital and conventional marketing to reach new markets and grow sales for FreshSpoke and our suppliers. Below is a great example of just one way we promote our products and brands; a feature in an issue of FreshSpoke's own Grāāz Magazine.


We are thoughtful and clear about the brands we choose to include in our marketing program, working with suppliers who actively collaborate with FreshSpoke by:

  1. directing wholesale and/or retail customers to FreshSpoke from your website and other online channels;
  2. liking, tagging and sharing FreshSpoke content; and
  3. participating in FreshSpoke promotions.