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What are totes?

FreshSpoke is reducing the use of disposables in grocery delivery by offering returnable totes and packing materials. Totes are optional. You may select your tote preference by using the checkbox upon checkout. If you decide to opt-out of totes, your order will be placed in good old paper grocery bags.

We highly recommend totes as they are a great way of maintaining food quality and safety while reducing waste. They are climate-friendly, easy to store and help to keep your food fresh and safe, particularly if it’s going to be a while before your food finds your fridge!  

We estimate the number of totes needed for your order and apply a refundable $10 deposit per tote at check out. The totes and other materials may be left at our curbside or your porch on delivery day of your next order. These totes are the property of FreshSpoke and we really want them back! Totes will be retrieved and credited to your FreshSpoke account. Totes are numbered and assigned to your account so we can properly credit you. Totes will be credited within 48 hours of return.

All totes and packing supplies are sanitized thoroughly after each use with our fogger system to ensure safety and cleanliness.